Credit MOOC/OER Recognition

Due to the lack of European MOOCs in the field of the Toxicology and major differences in learning of this important subject at various European biologically oriented faculties, TOX-OER seeks to develop a scientific and pedagogical joint between research on toxicology subject and to create a MOOC (TOX-OER MOOC – based on Moodle customized Platform). Participative MOOCs learning experience that takes into consideration evaluation, recognitions and certifications.

Full distance MOOC without assessment and evaluation: no credit, verified certificate of achievement.

Blended Learning MOOC (online learning experience recognized as a part of module and/or course).

Full distance MOOC with assessment and evaluation + credits, minimum fee, …

Taking into account the results of the  Open Educational Resources (OER) have become useful supplementary materials for students and informal learners the course materials published as TOX-OER online has the option of recognizing such learning. TOX-OER will valorize the diverse country member conditions (scenarios for crediting open learning) in order to assess and recognize the learning achievements.


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