The University of Porto, founded in 1911, is one of the main universities in Portugal and the majority of the international rankings for higher education and scientific research ranked it as one of 2% best universities in the world. Close to 32.000 students and 2.300 teaching staff and researchers attend its 15 schools and 50 scientific research units. Furthermore, actually, more than 3.300 students are international students that choose the U.Porto to complete their high education.

TOX-OER Members in Porto, Portugal

The Laboratory of Toxicology of University of Porto is in charge of teaching Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The researchers of this Unit are experts in toxicokinetics, target-organ toxicity (mainly at hepatic, heart and brain level) and toxicity of drugs of abuse.

  • Scientific Coordinators:

mlbastosMaria de Lourdes Bastos PhD in Pharmacy
Full Professor of University of Porto. Director of the Toxicology Department

Main research fields: target-organ toxicity, specifically hepatic toxicity, and metal speciation analysis.

FernandoFernando Remião PhD in Pharmacy
Associated Professor of University of Porto. Pro-Rector for Pedagogical Innovation and Sports of University of Porto

Main research fields: toxicokinetics and target-organ toxicity, specifically heart toxicity


  • Other members:

Félix DiasFélix Dias Carvalho PhD in Pharmacy
Full Professor of University of Porto.

Main research fields: Drugs of abuse, antidotes development and target-organ toxicity.

helena carmo Helena Carmo PhD in Pharmacy
Auxiliar Professor of University of Porto.

Main research fields: Pharmacogenetic and Mixture toxicology

CAROLINA PEREIRACarolina Pereira Amorim PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Post-Doc researcher at UCIBIO/REQUIMTE, Laboratory of Toxicology, University of Porto.

Main research fields: Toxicokinetics, specifically the study of ABC transporters and their modulation as potential antidotal pathways, and target-organ toxicity.

alfredo-casanovaAlfredo G. Casanova Paso
PhD Student in the Laboratory of the Toxicology Unit of the University of Salamanca.

Main research fields: nephroprotectants and biomarkers of toxicity due to exposure to drugs.

Jorge EmanuelJorge Emanuel M. T. Soares
PhD student in Laboratory of Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmacy

Main research fields: neuro- and cardiotoxicity of synthetic cathinones