The expected impact on the participants, participating organisations, target groups and other relevant stakeholders:

  • Staff: Elaboration of teaching materials and products (distance learning: MOOC) and preparation of a future Joint Master.
  • Students with different academic degree (high schools, universities, PhDs and master’s degrees): acquisition of professional skills in the field of Toxicology through teaching materials and products (distance learning).
  • Professionals: advanced courses and specialization followed by the issuance of certifications and accreditations
  • Authorities, supervisory bodies and police forces: refresher courses and continuous training
  • General population. It is also important for general community because at least basic knowledge of this field may prevent risks associated to chemical exposure at home, workplace and open environment; drugs or “medicinal” plants intake or abuse of non-legal drugs.


It is expected that the project will have an outstanding impact in Toxicology education.

At LOCAL and NATIONAL LEVEL, the teaching and learning materials developed will be used by every partner and also shared with other universities. This can improve the quality of the teaching in Toxicology, a transversal science, mainly through the life sciences studies.

At EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, TOX-OER project will be constructed in the native language of each partner and English. Two of these, Spanish and Portuguese, are official languages in several countries in Latin America and Africa, and we expect that the created pedagogical and scientific material will be massively used in the universities of these countries by students, professors, and professionals.