Multiplier events

This event that is organised to share the Intellectual Outputs of TOX-OER project with a wider audience.

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 Presentation of guidelines on TOX-OER and closure conference 

(November 27th 2017, Porto, Portugal)

Presentation of guidelines on TOX-OER and closure conference in Porto.

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Past Events

• Integration of learning environments into existing curriculum and Commercialisation of end product 

(May 31st 2017, Porto, Portugal)

The event was attended by 40 people. The national representation was very broad, including 24 people (professors, students, Ph.D. students and post-doc students). 5 people from European countries (Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom) attended the event, and a wide representation from others continents, 5 people from Brazil, 4 from Africa (Algeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Egypt) and 2 from Asia (Cambodia, Turkey).

The event was structured in two different parts. During the morning an open session that were very interesting and crucial for the dissemination of the project. Fernando Remião and Ana Morales, centre on the objectives of the Toxicology MOOC itself, the way it’s organize, how it works as well as how it can be used, by students, teachers, companies, labs and other institutions. How open resources can be a good way to spread knowledge. Ana Dias and Margarida Amaral, were more concentrated on the benefits of using MOOC as a teaching and instruction tool. How a MOOC course can be integrate in the curriculum, and how can be an upgrade for the student and the teacher.

In the Afternoon, participants had tried the Toxicology MOOC, in a practical session. Participants had the opportunity to explore the modules that were available, at their own pace as well as clarify doubts right away. There were 3 students from the Pharmacy faculty available to help and clarify any doubts.

The event was evaluated by the participants that attended the two parts, highlighting the structure of the different modules, the relevance of the material provided, especially the different languages of the material and the appropriate level of knowledge of the courses especially for people without prior knowledge in Toxicology. It obtained a lower valuation is aspects such as the access to the platform (intuitiveness/easiness) and visual attractiveness.

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Promotion campaign of TOX-OER environment and extension to non partner strategic countries 

(May 8th 2017, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)

The Promotion Meeting was attended by 37 participants – 17 from the Czech Republic and 20 from other, mostly European countries. Specifically, there were 5 Czech and 18 foreign university teachers and researchers. Besides some health care professionals such as pharmacists, physicians and paramedic.

The TOX-OER project was introduced by Assoc. Prof. Premysl Mladenka, who explained the main aims of the project, a short introduction to MOOC. Thereafter, the leaders and other important experts involved in the projects were introduced with emphasis on their areas of expertise and their roles in the project. A Syllabus of the TOX-OER project was presented, and its structure shown with emphasis on the meaning of the modules, topics and units. At the end, the structure of the accomplished cardiovascular part (chapter 5.1 in TOX-OER moodle) was also described including examples of prepared materials and self-evaluating and final tests of both simple and a more complex version.

The attendees could also make comments that were generally very positive and challenging for the next TOX-OER project development. The attendees most often appreciated the study materials accessible in different languages and very well understandable animations. The open access was viewed as a very positive point of the project. Some participants recommended a combining of this online learning and traditional teaching. The Promotion Meeting overall impressions were positive or very positive in all cases.

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Proposal for an International Open Access Course (MOOC) for the Continuing Education

(January 18th 2017, Bologna, Italy)

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On January 18th, 2017 at the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Bologna (Italy), the second TOX-OER dissemination event was held, all day long, from 9.00 to 17.00, by the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBiT), principal organizer of the multiplier event and official partner of the MOOC project.


The purpose of this multiplier event was to present the schedule of the TOX-OER MOOC and show the platform design to professionals and prospective students from different areas who might be interested in the study of Chemistry and Toxicology.

The event was attended by 113 people. In particular, 63 participants came from the University of Bologna (professors, students, Erasmus students, Ph.D. students and post-doc students), providing a good cross-section of the general groups to which the project is addressed. 6 peoples from foreign institutions attended the event. The national representation of people outside Bologna University was very broad, including 28 people.

During the afternoon computer session, the participants tested the TOX-OER MOOC platform. At the end of the test, attendees answered, anonymously, a satisfaction survey, which included questions about the event, the platform and its contents, and the test. The resulting participant satisfaction metrics were very high, but they were also an invaluable opportunity to discuss in depth the strong points and the (actual) weaknesses of the MOOC platform, as perceived by people interested but not involved in the project. In the testing phase, participants have underlined, in most cases, the innovative didactic potential of this platform: for example, the gamification environment integrated in the TOX-OER MOOC was perceived as very effective for achieving a learning process based on active student participation.

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Dissemination and presentation of TOX-OER in opening conference  

(December 16th 2016, Salamanca, Spain)

The Multiplier Event took place in the Facultad de Farmacia, University of Salamanca. The event was attended by 68 people. Toxicology professionals from 10 foreign institutions such as Portugal, Italy, England, Switzerland, France, Scotland and United States.

The national representation was very broad, professors from 11 different Spanish universities, 3 Secondary Education Centres and 2 Vocational Training Centres. Biosanitary area we have the presence of 3 Primary Care Pharmacists, 1 Family Doctor and 1 Sanitary Inspector. Other targets groups established in the TOXOER Project were represented by environmental professionals, the industrial sector and Security Forces.

At the end of the event, attendees answered, anonymously, a questionnaire of satisfaction. As suggestions for improvement, some participants proposed to unify the format of the videos of different modules and make some changes in the self-assessment. The overall satisfaction observed in the surveys was very high.

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