srti-basThe Space Research and Technology Institute (SRTI) is one of the 45 independent scientific research units at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). The research activities of the institute are grouped in two main areas – space research and Earth-based investigations, as the latter are directed for the purposes of ecology and environmental sciences. The scientific priorities include medico-biological studies; design, development and transfer of methods, instrumentation and technologies; WEB-based information systems, databases and algorithms for regional and global environmental monitoring. The institute’s Technology Transfer Office assists to the transfer of space techniques for Earth-based applications and acts as an interface between the academic, public and business sectors. The SRTI-BAS provides education and specialized training of master students, PhD students, and specialists in the main priority fields of scientific activity of the institute and according the subjects of accreditation. A Virtual Training Center is established within the institute with the purpose to assist the education and training activities.

TOX-OER Members from SRTI-BAS

The group members are scientific researchers, which were selected on their individual expertise and capacity to accomplish the SRTI TOX-OER project partner tasks.

  • Scientific Coordinator:

LubomirLubomir Iordanov Simeonov, Professor, PhD, DrSci, Space Physics Department, Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Main research fields: space research and technology; design of mass-spectrometry satellite payload; technology transfer, environmental sciences; analysis of physical, chemical and biological environmental systems and objects; environmental security.

  • Other members:

YordanYordan Lyubomirov Simeonov, MD, Surgery Department, Abdominal Surgery, Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Main research fields: cancer surgery, clinical cancer research, environmental chemical pollutants and cancer.

IvaIva Boneva Ivanova, PhD in Remote Sensing of the Earth and the Planets in  the Department of Aerospace information, Space Research and Technology Institute, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria

Main research fields: Ekology,  Environment disaster monitoring, GIS, Ekomonitoring, Satellite imageries interpretation.

NataliyaNataliya Hristova Stankova – PhD in the Department of Aerospace information, Space Research and Technology Institute, BAS

Main research fields: Master’s Degree in Ecology and protection of the environment , environment disaster monitoring, monitoring the dynamics and post-fire recovery processes of forest vegetation using remote sensing, satellite imageries interpretation and GIS.