Intellectual Outputs

O1 – Syllabus on Toxicology MOOC.

Creation of a shared syllabus on Toxicology and identification for each shared content the partner responsible.

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O2 – Interactive Authoring Tools to support partner in OERs creation.

An online (open source) tool that guide partners in OER content development


O3 – Guidelines to support the pedagogical design of OERs.

Guideline that each partner will follow in order to understand the pedagogical design of their OERs, both in terms of accessibility and in terms of use of OERs in different didactic scenarios (full online, blended, Master, etc.) and teaching and learning activities (individually and socially oriented).


O4 – CREDIT MOOC/OER recognition in real and virtual mobility scenarios.

Analysis and identification of the different levels of certifications and credit recognizable both in real and virtual mobility scenarios among partners (i.e. how to recognize, in terms credits, the user/s participation in the MOOC and or/single OER Modules).


O5 – Installation and Customization of TOX-OER MOOC platform.

International Massive Online Open Course on Toxicology.


O6 – TOX-Open Educational Resources (pedagogical resources).

Each partner, in relation of the shared syllabus, is in charge to create (with the tools available in the project) OER learning modules that, at the end, will compose the MOOC. This allow, at least, two level of fruition from user/s: sequential or modular. The participants can decide to enrol to entire MOOC course or, decide to learn a single or groups of OER Learning Modules.