TOX-OER Products


This document, corresponding to the Intellectual Output 1(IO1) of the project, includes the MOOC TOX-OER syllabus.

In this product are specified:

  • The levels of access,
  • A map of learning contents (organized in modules and topics),
  • The description of the activities,
  • The description of both the modules and topics (including goals, learning outcomes, structure and estimated workload in ECTS).

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 IO3ISBN: 978-84-948294-7-5

Language: English and Spanish

This book (English-Spanish) constitutes the sum of 3 Intellectual Outputs (IO): IO2, IO3, IO4.

Its main theme is to describe the necessary steps for the creation of a MOOC, based on the personal experiences of professionals involved in the development of TOX-OER project.

The main objectives are:

– IO2: To compile and describe interactive and free tools (exelearning, youtube,…), useful for the development of open educational resources (OERs) (videos, self-evaluations). It also explains the creation of a platform that hosts the course.

– IO3: To establish guidelines, useful for other teachers, to understand the pedagogical design of OERs, both in terms of accessibility and use, in different didactic scenarios (online, blended).

– IO4: To analyse and to identify different levels of certifications and credit recognizable both in real and virtual mobility scenarios.

In addition, a chapter has been added describing the Quality Control of a MOOC.


Complete book


IO6 The main objective of this project has been the creation of a Toxicology MOOC (TOX-OER). For this, an online technological platform with pedagogical contents has been developed. This objective has been achieved through 2 Intellectual Outputs (IO):

– IO5 – Installation and Customization of TOX-OER MOOC platform. Development of the technological platform that contains the MOOC  on Toxicology.

– IO6 – TOX-Open Educational Resources (pedagogical resources). Creation of the pedagogical contents in the different OER learning sources such as videos, texts, self-evaluations, gamification ….

The union of both has given rise to the fundamental product of the project, which is the MOOC TOX-OER itself.

It is available at the following link